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by on Mar.26, 2012, under Everything, Projects

The washing machine has been making a terrible racket on occasion during the spin cycle of late; it sounded like something was loose down in it’s innards.

So I spent a few hours pulling all its essential inside parts out until I found the guilty part.

First time fixing a washing machine.  Saved us $1000 buying a new one but don’t know that I want to do it again…it was pretty heavy and I couldn’t figure out how to remove the inner drum from the washing tub (the big white thing behind the lid – its upside down with the motor sitting at the top there).

Which makes me wonder about waste in our consumption obsessed society.  We were close to throwing out a good condition washing machine thats maybe 8 years old because of what sounded like a death rattle.  We considered having someone repair it…but expected the repair bill for an 8 year old washing machine would be big enough to warrant discarding it for a new one.

I expect that many a household appliance makes its way to the tip in a very repariable state, discarded due to suspicious behaviour in the never ending quest for the latest and greatest.

Hopefully this story has a happy ending; I haven’t finished putting it back together yet.  Then I need to test that it is still working :)

Of course there is always one or two parts left over…oh well.


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